Triumph & disaster summer tool kit

Triumph & disaster summer tool kit

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To stay protected, fresh and clean at all times, use the Triumph & Disaster Summer Tool Kit, a set of three skincare products that will give you skin that looks and feels revitalized. Equipped with a drawstring pouch by T&D. The set contains:

No Dice Sunscreen 100ml
A high protection facial sun lotion that effectively shields the skin from UV rays without causing shine or staining of clothing. With an 87% natural formulation that contains zinc oxide and titanium, to protect from the sun, and green tea and jojoba esters, for their antioxidant and moisturizing properties, this sun lotion protects the skin effectively and strengthens it. Its consistency is easily absorbed and leaves no white residue, for optimal protection that does not clog the pores and does not irritate the skin.

Shearers Soap 130g
A cleansing soap made on a translucent base of glycerin, which makes it extremely gentle on the skin. It is enriched with poppy seed extract that exfoliates and offers a massaging effect, to offer you an invigorating bath. Safe for the environment, gentle for the skin and a pampering for the senses. Use it every day to perfectly exfoliate the whole body.

Gameface Moisturizer 100 ml
A light emulsion that deeply hydrates the skin and strengthens its protective barrier. Its unique formula, which is non-greasy and quickly absorbed, forms a veil of comfort on the skin. The blend of vitamin E, jojoba extract, antioxidant horopita oil and anti-aging silver fern effectively hydrates while exerting a natural toning and astringent effect on the skin. Enriched with essential oils of the exclusive Smoke and Wood fragrance.